The Respiratory Technology Group


The Respiratory Technology Group links fundamental respiratory science, like molecular pharmacology and cell biology, with clinical research, like physiology, epidemiology and clinical management.

The group, established in 2012, is a leader in the areas of drug formulation, device development, characterisation and delivery.

Researchers work from purpose built state-of-the-art laboratory facilities opened in January 2013.

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Our Researchers

  • Prof Paul M. Young
  • Prof Daniela Traini
  • Dr Maliheh Ghadiri
  • Dr Hui Xin Ong (YY)  
  • Giula Ballerin
  • Khanh Huynh
  • Emelie Britt Linnea Land
  • Mariam Mamlouk
  • Roberto Paleco
  • Michele Pozzoli
  • Larissa Gomes Dos Reis
  • Zara Sheikh
  • Maree Svolos
  • Sandra Williams
  • Stewart Yeung
  • Jesse Xu