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improving lung cancer outcomes from the perspectives of patients, clinicians and researchers

Presentations - Session 1

Introduction by Professor Carol Armour & Professor Matthew Peters

Historical perspective on lung cancer. How we are doing better and the challenges still existing.

Lisa Briggs

Insights from my lung cancer journey as a patient.

Jo Silva

Lung cancer from the carer perspective - what we need to do better. 

Lillian Leigh

The rise of the lung cancer patient advocate! Can we influence clinicians, researchers and the health care system to look after us better?

Presentations - Session 2

Professor Christine Jenkins

Introduction to session 2 and introduction of Chris Draft.

Professor Carol Armour & Professor Paul Young

Our ambition at the Woolcock and progress so far.

About the Woolcock Centre for Lung Cancer Research

Chris Draft

How I became involved in lung cancer advocacy.

Professor Christine Jenkins

Comments, close and vote of thanks to Chris Draft and all participants.

Professor Neil Watkins

Improving how we do lung cancer research to deliver outcomes for patients. 


Chris Draft

Call for concerted action in Australia. 


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