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Professor Marie Bashir
Professor Marie Bashir has invested time and energy in the Woolcock over many years. As a medical practitioner herself, she supports the Woolcock model - care of respiratory and sleep patients as well as investigation of their disease in order to improve their lives. Professor Bashir has supported our international visitors, attended all our alumni events and donated her time to support our Institute. In 2013 the Woolcock leaders and supporters enjoyed her hospitality at Government House. On every occasion when asked for help she has been willing to give of herself. She is a warm and generous supporter and we thank her for all she has done for us.                                                     


Professor Ruthven Blackburn
Professor Ruthven Blackburn had the vision to see that Sydney needed a clinical research institute - preferably associated with the University of Sydney. At the time there was very little research being undertaken in respiratory medicine. A group of like-minded individuals led by him and Ann Woolcock started the Institute of Respiratory Medicine. From there, the Woolcock started to nurture national and international stars and we owe our existence and excellence to his vision and leadership. We remain extremely grateful to Professor Blackburn and his passing is mourned by the many in the Woolcock who knew him.                                                               


Professor Cheryl Salome
Professor Cheryl Salome has had more than 25 years’ experience in respiratory research, particularly in the causes and mechanisms of asthma. Cheryl worked very closely with Ann Woolcock during her career and was responsible for leading and facilitating epidemiology, cell biology and lung physiology. Cheryl nurtured the lung physiology group, recruited PhD students, had oversight of all projects, made sure the research experience was a valuable one and then mentored these rising stars until they became independent research leaders. Her students have gone on to lead the world in lung physiology. Meanwhile, never one to step into the limelight, Cheryl worked at the Woolcock facilitating the Friday research seminars, the Think Tank and continued to write manuscripts and successful grant applications which changed the way we think about airway disease. Cheryl, you were and continue to be a star at the Woolcock.

Professor Norbert Berend
Professor Norbert Berend retired from his Chair of Thoracic Medicine and as Director of the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research on 30 June, 2012. Norbert lead the Institute through a time of great change, had oversight of the negotiations to house the whole of the Institute in one building, sought funding and achieved the dream. At the time he became Director, the Institute had fewer than 20 employees in temporary homes on the University and RPA Hospital grounds. In 2012, the Woolcock had more than 150 employees and associate staff and 55 postgraduate students all of whom work in a state-of-the-art research institute. During this period he also led the development of respiratory research within the Asia Pacific region. Norbert, you have made us into what we are today.


Professor Christine Jenkins
Professor Christine Jenkins worked tirelessly with the other research leaders as a team and led them  as they considered their strategy at a time of great change. Christine ran the education program for the Woolcock especially the Think Tank program which has considerably enriched our research and scientific interchange, as well as the professional development program for health care practitioners. The invited internationally renowned speakers she hosted at our institute and the facilitation of interaction with research leaders has enriched our research programs. Her guidance has led to new research directions, collaborations and grants. Christine was also a very active member of the 2 Respiratory CRC programs. Thank you Christine.


Professor Paul Seale
Over the years Paul has nurtured many of us, provided advice when asked, opened doors and facilitated pathways. He has been involved in grants and a multitude of clinical trials and fostered the next generation of medical and science students in terms of clinical pharmacology. However, at the Woolcock, he was particularly valued as the leader of the clinical trials unit for 10 years. Paul ensured that the unit was successful, safe and governed appropriately.  Finally Paul has served and our deputy director, in this role he provided sage advice for the management team on all matters of governance.

Associate Professor Euan Tovey
Over the many years of his scientific career Associate Professor Euan Tovey focused on allergy research, particularly the house dust mite. He was a senior research fellow of the NHMRC, an award reserved for leading health and medical researchers. He has been inducted into the Asthma NSW Hall of Fame, has delivered on a multitude of research grants to investigate asthma mechanisms . His inquisitive and innovative mind is evident by his long list of patents. He invented many novel mechanisms and devices which he also followed through with development. The Woolcock would like to thank Euan for his passion and commitment to research and our Institute.