Respiratory Physiology Education Day 2017


The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research strives to improve the respiratory and sleep health of Australians through world-class research, care and education.

We regularly hold symposia and seminars for healthcare professionals including general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists. At these events, our Woolcock researchers and clinicians present the latest scientific evidence sourced from both the institute’s own research and from leading experts around the globe. Assessment, management and treatment of respiratory and sleep disorders are discussed in an engaging and relevant format, allowing healthcare professionals to learn about advances in respiratory and sleep health, and effectively integrate this new knowledge into their medical practice.

Please find a summary of our Respiratory Physiology Education Day below:   

This educational day was hosted for respiratory medicine trainees, physicians and respiratory scientists. Our aim was to educate these healthcare professionals in complex physiology in relation to airways disease. All attendees were given feedback forms after completion of the activity to assess the value Healthcare professionals gained from this event. Results were as follows:  

  • 100% of attendees indicated they would recommend this course to others
  • 100% of attendees indicated that they would like to attend more courses in the future
  • 65% of attendees rated their learning needs “entirely met”
  • 59% of attendees rated their overall satisfaction as “very satisfied” and 41% rated “satisfied”

This demonstrates a highly positive response rate from healthcare professionals in evaluating the quality of the education we delivered and knowledge gained. 

We are proud to have successfully delivered this highly relevant educational event and thank GlaxoSmithKline Australia for their support and enabling us to deliver high quality content to this audience.

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