Executive Summary - Breathe Easy Symposium

Breathe Easy: Management of Respiratory Disorders for Healthcare Professionals

Executive Summary


This activity was accredited by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners for 14 Category 2 CPD points. 

Our aim was to improve patient health through a positive change in healthcare professional performance and knowledge. To evaluate the value healthcare professionals gained from this educational event all attendees were given feedback forms after completion of the activity. Results were as follows:  

  • 100% of attendees indicated they would recommend this course to others
  • 99% of attendees rated very likely/likely to change their follow-up care procedures as a result of attending this workshop
  • 96% of attendees stated that this course met their expectations
  • 87% of attendees rated this activity as entirely relevant to their practice
  • 83% of attendees rated their learning needs as entirely met

We set specific achievable and measurable learning outcomes for this event which attendees were asked to rate:

  • Implement a system of assessing severe asthma, including which tests to order, what treatment approaches to use and when to refer – 87% rated entirely met.
  • Develop a working knowledge on new drugs recently available for the treatment of severe asthma and possibly new drugs that may come soon – 86% rated entirely met.
  • Understand the mechanisms of thunderstorm asthma and ways in which to prepare patients for a possible event – 99% rated entirely met.
  • Recognize the characteristics of inhaled therapy for COPD, including delivery devices and treatment combinations so that rational prescribing is improved – 82% rated entirely met.
  • Understand the characteristics of COPD exacerbations to improve acute management, as well as chronic management of exacerbation prone patients – 84% rated entirely met.

This demonstrates a highly positive response rate from healthcare professionals in evaluating the quality of the education we delivered and knowledge gained. 

E-Learning modules and presentations are now available online, please visit: www.woolcock.armchairmedical.tv (GPs can still receive 14 Category 2 CPD Points)

We are proud to have successfully delivered this highly relevant educational event and thank GlaxoSmithKline Australia for their support and enabling us to deliver high quality content to a large audience.


  • “Thank you for an excellent seminar”
  • “I look forward to the Breathe Easy conference next year to continue my learning”
  • “Very useful workshop”
  • “Met all expectations and more”
  • “Good venue and organisation”
  • “Looking forward to attending such interesting conferences in the future”
  • “The event was very comprehensive”