Woolcock presents at Inhalation Asia

Members of the Woolcock participated in Inhalation Asia, a multidisciplinary conference focused on respiratory diseases and the development of therapies within the Asia Pacific region. 

The Conference held between the 9-11 September, in Shenyang, was attended by over 200 delegates from around the World. 

Prof Guy Marks gave the opening Plenary lecture on ‘TB control in the Asia region: a need for new approaches’ 

A/Prof Traini also gave a presentation on TB and how the Woolcock and Pharmaxis have partnered to develop an innovative inhaled TB product that can be used to significantly reduce treatment times in TB sufferers.

In other sessions, Dr Wing Hin Lee presented an invited talk on novel therapies for cancer in the ISAM sponsored session on lung cancer. 

Prof Paul Young and Philip Kwok (University of Hong Kong) gave a morning ‘Inhalation 101’ workshop for ECR researchers.

Other members of the Woolcock participated in the conference including Dr Judy Loo, Dr Hui Xin Ong (YY) and Dr Evangelia Daviskas. YY is a guest editor for the Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics, which will publish a number of selected papers via Inhalation Asia.

About Inhalation Asia: Research in pulmonary drug delivery has become increasingly active in the Asia/Pacific region. With this comes a need for a forum that caters for the interests of Asian researchers and industry. By fostering communication between inhalation scientists in the region, Inhalation Asia promotes the advancement of R&D activities in Asia/Pacific. The topics include inhalation research (pharmaceutics / clinical / pharmacological / pharmacokinetics / pharmacy practice / chemical etc), traditional therapies, atmospheric pollution, regulatory issues, future developments of inhalation therapies for Asia, and outreach of inhalation research to the international community.

You can learn more about Inhalation Asia and future conferences here: http://www.inhalationasia.org/