New tablet for asthma?

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Do you have asthma?

Do you use asthma puffers?

Do you have asthma symptoms?

Are you ≥ 18 years of age?

AMAZES is investigating if taking low dose azithromycin improves daily asthma symptoms and  reduces the frequency of exacerbations or asthma ‘attacks’.

Any changes in your asthma symptoms will be monitored throughout this trial. You need not stop your regular puffers.

Call 1300 303 185 if you are interested in participating. 

The AMAZES Study research team is aiming to determine whether taking an antibiotic (Azithromycin) alongside normal asthma medications helps to reduce the number of asthma ‘attacks’ and improve general daily symptoms experienced by adults with asthma.

Those patients for whom this study is suitable, will be randomly allocated to take either Azithromycin or placebo tablets over a 48-week period (neither participants nor investigators will know which medication is being taken until the end of the study). Participants will have their asthma closely monitored over the 48-week period. Participants will not need to stop taking their regular asthma medication.

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