Adolescent Sleep Health Seminars for Educationalists (Coming Soon)

Two out of three teenagers aren’t getting enough sleep due to the increasing pressures of keeping up with school, family and friends.

Watch our short video called Screenager about a teenager addicted to their screen. Staying up all night messaging friends or gaming can cause sleep deprivation which has many debilitating side effects like learning problems, risk-taking behaviours, family disharmony, school absenteeism, poor self esteem, depression and obesity.

How can the Woolcock Institute of medical Research help you?

  • In-house School Programs - Sleep Connection in partnership with the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research runs a “Sleep to be a Smarter Happier you” program that aims to teach students, teachers and parents how to improve sleep health. Visit the Sleep Connection for more information and book an in-school training program. 


  • The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research runs a Paediatric and Adolescent Sleep Clinic to diagnose, treat and manage all sleep problems. Our Sleep Specialists can help with obstructive sleep apnea, delayed sleep phase disorder, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, sleep walking, and psychological and behavioural problems related to sleep.

Adolescent & Paediatric Sleep Physician, Dr Chris Seton and Adolescent & Paediatric Sleep Psychologist Dr Amanda Gamble will be holding half day sleep education seminars here at the Woolcock Institute in 2016. The seminars will cover adolescent sleep, and empower educationalists & parents to help students optimise their sleep. It will outline how to detect problems, implement practical assistance to your sleepy students and provide information on detailed treatment pathways for those students who require professional help.

You can view our sleep education seminar brochure here. 

Dates and further information will be posted on our website soon. 

  • SleepShack is a clinically proven, personalised online sleep treatment program for teens. Developed by our Paediatric Sleep team, the on-line program includes a six week Sleep Treatment Plan tailor made to address your teens sleep issues. Please visit for more information about the program.