2016 New Investigator Award!

We are so pleased to announce that our study was granted the 2016 New Investigator Award at the annual Australasian Sleep Association Conference. This honour is awarded to applicants presenting research from their PhD studies or equivalent. Six presenters are selected based on hundreds of submitted abstracts. This year, studies included diverse topics such as the effects of nightly zopiclone on obstructive sleep apnoea severity and measures of alertness (Sophie Carter); Assessing sleep in schizophrenia and evaluating treatment (Hannah Myles); Performance and validation of a model to predict central sleep apnoea from pulse oximetry (Belinda Suthers); The pharmacogenomics of morphine effect on obstructive sleep apnea (Luke Roswell); and Loop gain as a predictor of response to upper airway surgery for obstructive sleep apnoea (Paul Leung).

We are excited for the field of maternal and infant sleep that our study gained this award and attention. We would like to attract further interest from other disciplines so people can have a better understanding of sleep in the perinatal period. Stay tuned for the upcoming study results!

For anyone interested in attending the program from the study or something similar, please contact us at info@woolcock.org.au.