Each year, we run fundraising campaigns to enable us to create new knowledge while continuing to innovate as an organisation. We rely on you, our family of supporters, to respond through one-off donations or annual pledges. Below, we’ve featured just a few of the items required by the Woolcock to make each sleep study a success at the Sleep Clinic.

$45.99 - Nuprep gel (box of 3) – to cleanse the site of skin where an electrode will be placed to pick up a signal coming from muscle or the brain

$65.00 - Sleep Technician training manual – written material and assessment workbook provided to the Woolcock Institute’s Sleep Technician Training School students

$152.50 - Electroencephalogram gold cup electrodes (10) – to measure brain signals

$212.50 - CPAP Tubing (box 50) – to connect the CPAP mask to the CPAP machine for overnight CPAP pressure titration sleep studies

$599.39 - Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Multisite attachment ring (box 50) - to attach sensor which measures carbon dioxide levels in a patient’s blood, to assess chronic nocturnal respiratory                         failure

$1,644.00 - Patient education brochures (Sleep and Respiratory) various topics (printing of 1500 copies)

$2,300.00 - Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine download station – permits download of patient data (nightly usage hours, how well hypopneas and obstructive apnoeas are being                                        prevented) from a variety of CPAP machines 


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