The Big Idea Challenge

Congratulations to Jesse Xu, who has been listed as one of the six finalists after presenting at the Big Idea Challenge on "next generation printed personalised airway stents in the lung". 

Jesse was one of the 33 applicants from Sydney Research (Central Sydney health district, MRIs and University of Sydney). The six finalists will now go into a program which will mentor their development skills.

They presented the following ideas:

  1. New stretchable fibres made of polyurethane to be woven into fabric to sense heart attack risk
  2. Next generation printed personalised airway stents in the lung
  3. A lifelike birthing simulator that mimics the pathway a baby actually follows to be born with the associated physics involved rather than assuming the baby slides down a straight tube
  4. A new specific immunosuppressive based on dendritic cells for inflammation and organ transplant
  5. A biopen which delivers special ink to the surface of the eye to seal a break or tear
  6. A miR blood test for diagnosing coronary artery disease (at $20 rather than angiography which costs lots more)