Have you been a smoker or diagnosed with COPD?

The Woolcock Institute of Medical Research is currently running two research projects in Sydney for patients who have been smokers, or experience shortness of breath, or have been diagnosed with COPD: 

As seen on Channel 7 news, please contact 1300 303 185 or email info@woolcock.org.au to see if you are eligible for these studies. 

Can we monitor COPD at home? 

In this project, we are interested in monitoring lung function remotely over several months, from the comfort of the patient's own home. Using new technology, we will look at whether self monitoring with a simple breathing test can tell us about patient quality of life, as well as predict exacerbations, i.e. worsening of respiratory symptoms over a few days. 

Contact: Sabine Zimmermann

How do COPD medications really work? 

In this project, we look at the effects of some commonly prescribed medications used for treating COPD. These medications are known to improve symptoms, exercise performance, and reduce hospitalisations. However, standard lung function tests cannot predict these effects, and so how these medications work is still poorly understood. We will study these effects using highly specialised lung function tests and advanced medical imaging. Some participants will also undergo a simple exercise test, and lung scans (PET/CT scans) before and after one month of treatment. 

Contact: Dr Stephen Milne