Active Case Finding for Tuberculosis in Vietnam

We like to thank John Fryar who followed the ACT 3 Team in their search for tuberculosis in Vietnam. ACT3 is a 5 year project which focuses on screening TB in entire communities using sputum testing with Gen X-pert machine. Because of special geographic conditions with varied size rivers, staff have to travel by ships or motor boats, using loudspeakers to visit each household, interview and collect sputum samples for testing.

John spent some time with the screening team in Ca Mau, Southern Vietnam in December 2014 and the team did a great job in their search for tuberculosis where they had to travel to different villages for testing. The team collected different samples and further tested the samples at the Woolcock lab that works close with the Vietnamese national tuberculosis program and got the results within 2 hours.

The team faced several challenges on their way to the villages such as walking for long distances to get to remote areas. They also had to camp the night in some villages to ensure that they conducted screening of the entire villages.