On behalf of the Board, the staff and researchers, I thank you for your ongoing interest in the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, the highest ranked specialist sleep and respiratory research facility globally.

Your generosity and vision ensures that all of us at the Woolcock Institute can meet our commitment to finding the causes, prevention, diagnosis and better treatment of respiratory diseases and sleep disorders for the many people who suffer from long-term, life threatening and disabling conditions.

This year has welcomed the opening of the Woolcock Centre for Lung Cancer Research. This world first centre provides the platform for a Lung Cancer Research Network operating research programs into early diagnosis, innovative surgery and therapy.

With the support of our donors we will secure a Chair in perpetuity to ensure this work translates directly to saving lives as lung cancer has the highest mortality rate among those diagnosed with cancer.

We have set a target of $10m for our lung cancer initiative in order to enable our team of dedicated and hard-working physicians and scientists to make breakthrough discoveries helping people today, tomorrow and far into the future – doing more, feeling better and living longer.

Jesse Hu 2018.jpg

“Receiving a PhD scholarship from a donor has allowed me to focus on my research on developing airway stents for lung cancer patients, without worrying about challenges faced by many young researchers today. In doing so, I can be fully committed in pursuing the betterment of many in the future.”

Jesse Xu, researcher at the Woolcock Institute


Other projects that your support will fund for 2019 include research into the ageing brain and sleep; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); early diagnosis and monitoring at home of asthma and COPD; and personalised medicine for patients with lung disease(s) which will ensure that optimal outcomes are achieved for individuals.


Thank you for your support and best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season.


Professor Carol Amour
Executive Director
Woolcock Institute of Medical Research