CIRUS, Centre for Sleep & Chronobiology

CIRUS conducts patient-centred translational research across a broad spectrum of sleep disorders at our purpose built research centre and affiliated hospitals. Researchers are focused on understanding the impact of sleep disorders on health and well-being, and developing new diagnostic and therapeutic pathways to improve sleep health.

Current projects include research into the cardiovascular and metabolic consequences of sleep apnea, cognitive performance and sleep loss, the relationship between shift work and productivity, and health and sleep effects of windfarms.

Sleep and Circadian Research Group
  • Dr Jong Won Kim
  • Dr Edmund Lau
  • Dr Richard Lee
  • Dr Kerri Melehan 
  • Dr Collette Menadue
  • Dr Christopher Miller
  • Dr Darren O’Brien
  • A/Prof Craig Phillips
  • Dr Amanda Piper
  • Dr Svetlana Postnova
  • Dr Yasmina Serinel
  • Dr Kate Sutherland
  • Dr Andrew Vakulin
  • Dr Keith Wong
  • Khalid Chohan
  • Frances Clements
  • Nathan Cross
  • Daniel Flunt
  • Elle Galgut
  • Carly Hollier
  • Gagandeep Kaur
  • Liora Kempler  
  • Anna Mullins
  • Hannah Openshaw
  • Dianne Richards
  • Kia Roberts
  • Peter Singh
  • David Stevens