Professor Carol Armour (Executive Director)

 Carol Armour

Carol Armour

Qualifications: PhD, FPS 

Experience: Professor Armour has worked in the area of asthma research at a basic scientific and clinical level. Her investigations span the breadth of asthma research from the cellular mechanisms to the translation of new ways to treat asthma within the health system. She is on the Australian Respiratory Council, The National Asthma Council and has chaired the National Asthma Monitoring. Advisory Committee, worked on the National Therapeutic Guidelines and the Australian Medicines Handbook. From 2003-2006 she was a member of the NHMRC Research Committee and was the Chair of the Training Awards Committee. She was Pro Vice Chancellor, Research, at the University of Sydney, from 2006-2009. In 2005 she was made a Fellow of the Pharmaceutical Society for her services to the profession, and she was awarded the Australasian Pharmaceutical Science Association (APSA) medal for research in 2007. She is currently an Associate Dean in the Sydney Medical School and a Professor of Pharmacology in the Sydney Medical School.

Appointed 10 April 2012 

Appointed Executive Director 1 July 2012

Member of the Board Finance & Risk Committee