Students on tour through our laboratory led by Prof. Alaina Ammit.

Students on tour through our laboratory led by Prof. Alaina Ammit.

“It opened my eyes to how different everyone is and that scientists are connected by their curiosity and their passion.”

This was one of the many positive responses we received following the annual Science Day, which aims to nurture the next generation of researchers among high school students. Full of enthusiasm, the students saw presentations given by researchers who spoke about their career paths into their respective professions. This is one of the many initiatives we, at the Woolcock Institute, undertake throughout the year as part of our wider community outreach as Australia’s leader in respiratory and sleep research.

As we draw closer to the end of 2016 and hope for an equally eventful new year, I am very happy to share with you some of the exciting news about this year.

Australia’s first research hub dedicated to the study of lung cancer

The Woolcock will soon be home to Australia’s first Lung Cancer Research Network which will bring together over 20 hospitals, research centres, universities and organisations in the fight against lung cancer*. Dedicated to fast-tracking discovery and translating new knowledge into practice, this new collaboration will serve as a lifeline in research for those affected by this horrendous killer.

Woolcock’s effort in the fight against tuberculosis

Another disease that has infected over 1.5 million people around the world each year is tuberculosis**.
In Vietnam, it is killing over 14,000 people every year. To end this, the Woolcock Institute has been building capacity in research and implementing high quality research to benefit the people of Vietnam. With much appreciation, I am happy to announce that a special fundraising event was held in September this year by the local Vietnamese community here in Sydney, which raised $40,000 for our tuberculosis programs in Vietnam. A great achievement!

Sleep’s impact on our mind

Our area of sleep research saw yet another feat with the opening of the Brain and Mind Research Centre at Camperdown. It was a pivotal step in Woolcock’s history as we continue to lead Australia in the studies that investigate the importance of sleep and brain activity, e.g. the cause and effect between lack of sleep and Parkinson’s Disease. We will continue to provide support to this area of sleep research as we strive to deepen our knowledge.

Your donation is vital to our research!

In the midst of all our achievements, I cannot stress enough how important you and your support are to our research. Your donation is vital to the impact we can have on the respiratory and sleep health of the wider community, which relies on the knowledge we generate through our research.

Please donate today! 

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Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Professor Carol Armour
Executive Director

  1. * Lung Cancer: It is currently the 4th most common cancer in Australia and kills more women than breast, uterine, and ovarian cancer combined. It is also a leading cause of cancer in the Aboriginal population and affects 35% of female cancer patients who have never been smokers.
  2. ** Tuberculosis: According to the World Health Organisation, tuberculosis now kills more people around the world than AIDS: 4,100 a day compared with 3,300 dying of AIDS, making tuberculosis the leading infectious cause of death in the world.